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Galvão Group


Grupo Galvão is a business group with investments in various market sectors. With a management model focused on ethics and innovation, it has been transforming opportunities into solid and promising businesses. Grupo Galvão's policy is to meet the needs of the market and its customers, creating solutions and offering high quality products and services.     

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Ethics and commitment to the quality of the products and services offered are inherent values in all the companies of the group. These are companies that project themselves for tomorrow, that value people, good ideas and that work to generate values that contribute to the development of their employees and the communities where they operate.


Today, the group has diversified investments in the market, with companies operating in the areas of engineering and construction, industrial maintenance, trade in equipment and materials in general, restaurants and fuel sales, serving large and medium-sized customers to consumers in general.   

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The faith in God and the commitment of the Galvão Group's managers to ethics, innovation and the quality of its products and services have been important differentials for the success of its ventures.





​Ser a business group recognized in all markets in which it operates for its high standard of quality, always exceeding the expectations of its customers. Offer products with a high level of competitiveness in terms of cost and quality and continually seek to improve their business so that they generate value and transform the lives of our customers, employees and the communities where we operate.

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To be a leading business group in the development of solid and promising businesses, develop technologies and innovate to grow and stand out in the Brazilian northeast market.


The main value of Grupo Galvão is love for others. Also valuing ethics, honesty, team spirit, valuing people, innovation, quality, commitment to safety, environment and education.



Galvão Group. “Looking to Tomorrow”

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