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part of this team.


We are the result of the commitment of manypeople! 

Medeiros Galvão Soluçõesis an innovative company that stood out in serving the Brazilian market of renewable energy generation by positioning itself as a company specialized in the segment. We are a company that has the obsession with customer satisfaction in its DNA, always attentive to market needs, we position ourselves as a solutions hub, seeking to offer the maximum of products, services and solutions to the growing market of renewable energy generation.

Where are you going to make a difference andbe the solution?

Soluções Time

Medeiros Galvão Soluções serves the Brazilian renewable energy market, offering solutions in various sectors, come and make a difference.

MG Engenharia  (5).jpeg

Medeiros Galvão Equipment

Trade in PPE's/EPC's, Tools, Equipment and industrial supplies in general 

Medeiros Galvão Supply

Purchasing management, supply chain management, transport and import of industrial supplies. 

Medeiros Galvão Engenharia

Engineering projects, execution of civil and infrastructure works and civil maintenance of renewable projects

MG-ENG-SERV (18).jpeg

Medeiros Galvão Serviços 

Faciliteis related services and cleaning, maintenance and conservation of renewable projects. 

Medeiros Galvão Signage

Manufacture and installation of road signage, security and corporate visual communication devices

A career in the Administration

We have numerous challenges to be solved in our offices, come and be part of the solution. 

The future in our hands

Image by Tobias Weinhold

Always in search 

We are passionate about the idea of a green, clean and sustainable future where innovation and technology will be applied to generate quality of life and well-being for people and to generate agility and reliability in business, we position ourselves as a company specialized in customer service. renewable energy generation sector because we believe in the driving force of a clean, sustainable and high enough energy matrix to guarantee the evolution of humanity towards a cleaner world with more opportunities.

We always want to serve with excellence without sacrificing sustainability, and you,want to be part of it? 

we are driven bypassion and commitment 


To be the company with the best service in the world, always delivering the best shopping experience to the power generation sector


To be the largest supplier of services and supplies in Brazil, specialized in serving the renewable energy generation sector by 2030.


We do to others only what we would like them to do to ourselves.

Alta fives


The greatest intelligence of the company is collective intelligence, the greatest force for growth there is!

We believe that we are all experts in something and that only by joining forces and recognizing everyone's potential, we will be able to find the extraordinary solutions that the future will demand.

We are looking for people with an innovative spirit, who, like us, want to help other companies to carry out their projects with agility, safety and quality. our obsession. Therefore, before looking for competent professionals, we look for people who know how to smile, who know how to enchant, committed to solving before selling, to building relationships before building buildings, selling safe awareness before safety equipment, delivering agility before tools and equipment, because our mission is to deliver solutions and delight our customers.

The values that guide us for the future

Committed to quality and safety in everything it does, Medeiros Galvão Soluções focuses on the next, as we believe that our values are reflected in each service we provide, in each product or service we deliver, in each satisfied customer and in our employees. fully committed and safe. Therefore, to perpetuate our commitment to excellence, we have the following values as above:

  1. respect to the next

  2. honesty and integrity

  3. Boldness and obsession with innovation

  4. Commitment to quality

  5. Commitment to the beautiful

  6. Excellence in service

  7. Respect for the environment and all species

  8. Valuing people

  9. Respect for suppliers

  10. collective knowledge

  11. Collaborative growth and collective intelligence

  12. Commitment to education

These values are essential for Medeiros Galvão to always be a company:

  1. Innovative;

  2. organized;

  3. Transparent;

  4. inspiring;

  5. Efficient;

  6. profitable;

  7. Leaders trainer;

  8. Committed to the customer;

  9. Committed to the Society;

  10. Committed to the Environment;

Transcending economic activity 

We at Medeiros Galvão believe that we carry out much more than an economic activity, we are a company that takes solutions to other companies, we negotiate agility, we sell quality and the result that motivates us to continue in this mission is the satisfaction of our customers. We seek customers who, like us, are committed to the safety of their employees, the environment, and society, who seek quality tools and equipment that generate efficiency and value services provided with excellence.

Our differential is the commitment that each employee has to excellence in service, as we think of every detail to provide the best possible experience for our customers. We are always looking for something bigger and that revolutionizes the market in which we operate, transcending the standards of quality, performance, efficiency and profitability to become a sustainable and lasting organization, leaving a legacy of innovation, honesty and commitment to building a better world and fairer for future generations.

This is the reason for the existence of Medeiros Galvão Soluções and all its subsidiary companies. With this commitment and team spirit, we execute our strategic planning with attention to every detail to achieve space among the biggest and best companies in our segment.

In order to keep our values, mission and vision always aligned with our purpose, we have six major commitments established in all our facilities and projects:

Commitment 01

"Commitment to promoting actions that transcend its economic activities, promoting social and educational actions that benefit  and assist in the progress of the communities where it operates".

"We are a growing company and we don't have the answers to all of today's questions, but we need your help to find the answers to tomorrow's challenges".

We are Medeiros Galvão Soluções –Come be part of this story.


we believe in people

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