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    Medeiros Galvão Sinalização, works with road, safety, industrial and commercial signage projects, in the most diverse materials, formats and colors, according to the need customer and in compliance with regulatory standards.

  • road signage

  • safety signage

  • Signaling of works

  • High impact signage (Billboards)

  • Industrial architectural signage  


    Medeiros Galvão is a company with one of the best conditions on the market, as all the materials used in its signage projects are of its own manufacture, thus reducing costs with outsourcing and outsourcing.


   A Medeiros Galvão - Signage stands out in the market for using quality materials and excellent durability.


Signaling tab 

Vertical road signage.

Manufacture and implementation of vertical signage with its own team.

Use of equipment specially developed for the conditions

of our highways, cities and works with the installation of signs, poles,

gantries and a series of road signage products.


Security devices

Implementation of fender systems or guard rails in accordance with standards

Brazilian and international.



Signaling of works

Safety signs for works and projects, signs to keep

workers' attention to the safety of the activities carried out.





Industrial Visual Communication

We develop comprehensive communication and signaling projects for terminals,

parking lots, airports, campus and other facilities.


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